by Half Goon

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Chris D'Alessandro
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Chris D'Alessandro "Listening to TERRORIZER is your personal reminder that you're fucking 10-ply, bud…But don't worry, you can harden that over exfoliated sun sheltered skin just by listening to this album."

- Severed Heads Open Minds
Vincenzo Capasso
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Vincenzo Capasso Refreshing to hear some vocals along the lines of David Yow or Guy Picciotto over some sweet heavy riffage. Recording is bitchin', and the art is unique. Dug it the moment I heard it. DAT BASS.
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Album art: Adriano Martinez
Recordings: Colin Knight


released August 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Half Goon Fullerton, California

andy - allergic to cats
colin - allergic to cats
erik - allergic to cats
adam - ???

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Track Name: HK
scuffed knees, fucked
head to toes
on the nose
grind it out

the dirt dog crew,
our play dead troupe's alive tonight

hop that fence
move that bench
throw your carcass
down these steps

the dirt dog crew,
our play dead troupe's alive tonight

and if we're lucky today, we'll have the time of our lives
and if we're lucky, these memories we'll perfect tonight
Track Name: Terrorizer
terrorizer, you'll never catch me
terrorizer, fucking up everything

all we wanted was a good time
got my girl and my friends
fucking up everything
but we had no idea

with blood on the walls
and trips in the hall
if your girlfriend falls, you can't leave her behind
success running thin
the blade sinks in
look into his eyes for the last time
end dream
Track Name: Zoo
I visited all the animals inside the santa ana zoo
I took pictures of my favorite ones
made sure the focus is clear
to share for all the world to see

yeah they'll see
it's just some animals and there's me

under cover of the night, sky pitch black
I sprint back to the spot where
I hid the watcher's keys
one by one, free to roam, we stalk in unison
we're gonna hold a mirror up to nature as it would be

they'll see they're just as ugly as you and i
fit with fangs, venom, claws, spikes, and the like
"take it down", no I can't
realize the fact that we're all just animals can't you see

you and me, wild and ugly animals are we
Track Name: Tahiti
I can't stop the world from spinning so we can all focus on your problems this time
some things in life they don't make no sense
but let's be honest this is stupid, spare me the expense

I'll be on a waterfall in Tahiti
no problems at all, dirty looks don't exist in tahiti

we've done it
space and time collide at the throne
we've done it
welcome to my twilight zone

"I" before "e"
I before everyone, everything, every time, and even you
Track Name: Sleep
what happened before there was nothing?
I'm on a cloud looking out on the barren land
what happened before there were stars in the sky?
before we all had cognition, thoughts, and asked why?

these questions, they keep me up
my bags express philosophy
did I set the alarm?
the perfect way to fuck up sleep

I close my eyes at night, but sleep doesn't greet me
I'm happy and all but I'd love some sleep
Track Name: Play Dead
any time and anywhere at all
any time and anywhere at all, we're there to follow you
so shrug, there's to be done at all

any time and anywhere at all, we're there to follow you
any time and anywhere at all
any time and anywhere at all, we're there to follow you
so shrug, there's nothing to be done at all
Track Name: Firework
welcome friends to my story, I've got one for the ages
it's about fourth of july fireworks

explosions, brave and deep, I sink my mustard-crusted teeth
straight into your thigh
barbeque flavored fingers run through your blouse
claw for the neck

one more surprise because you like it, see?
You liked it
You liked it

sometimes it feels like my hearts only purpose
is to pump blood straight to my dick
but can I help it?

ain't no time to cuddle, our bodies put on a show for these jerks
we're just like fourth of july fireworks